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Re: Re: [K12OSN] DCOP & Mozilla Errors in 2.1.1

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 wj bensonhs pps k12 or us wrote:

>Thanks for the input guys.
>Well, The problem here is that we have a lab where everyone uses the 
>same login. So, I guess we need to move everyone to there own login.

As noted, KDE can't cope with multiple logins. The other options in 2.1.1
are GNOME and IceWM. GNOME doesn't cope with multiple logins very well,
the file manager in particular has problems. IceWM itself works fine with
multiple logins, but it is too simplistic for most high school kids and
it is configured to the GNOME file manager...

The best bet with v2.1.x is to not use a single login.

v3.0 defaults to GNOME2, which seems to do fine with multiple logins.

>Here is a new question:
>Where can I get a script to logout all users and kill there processes?
>I want to put it into the nightly cron to make it run better.

The easy way is to just setup a cron job to reboot the server in the middle
of the night.

Andy was working on a script to kill off user processes. Andy, were you


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