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Re: [K12OSN] Thinner version of LTSP

I have used X  -  With a full desktop via a DSL modem.   I relied on
'lbxproxy'.  I am actually shocked that the LTSP has not made a heavier
use of this..    Is anyone using it?  I really would like to use it, and
I have not had great success with automated initiation of it, or any
details like that.  I spent a weekend pouring over X docs looking for
automation or setup for it, there were precious little, save the basics
of how to use it.

Anyone else have any ideas?



On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 22:48, Amiel Heyde wrote:
> Is there any other "thinner" version of LTSP?
> Is someone ever going to make one?
> >From what I've been reading it seems as if a 10mb network wont be much good for ltsp.
> Is this correct? is there a way of reducing the bandwidth required?
VB programmers ask why no one takes them seriously, 
it's somewhat akin to a McDonalds manager asking employees 
why they don't take their 'career' seriously.

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