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Re: [K12OSN] Thinner version of LTSP

At 05:48 PM 2002/11/4 +1100, Amiel Heyde wrote:
Is there any other "thinner" version of LTSP?
Is someone ever going to make one?

Hi Amiel,

I am not quite clear of your posting. Are you preparing to assemble a "thinner" client starting from motherboard board available on market or starting from electronic components? If starting from motherboard there are many sources available on market including plastic/metal casing.

If you are prepared to build a "thinner" client starting from electronic components, my personal opinion is that will be a hard way to go.

About one year ago I have this idea to build thin clients starting from electronic components when I was involved in Balloon project. Later I gave up. I have the complete production facilities here both electronic and mechanic machinery/equipment including PCB design and its production, program burner, component bonding machine, plastic injection mould design, plastic injection mould tooling and plastic case injection etc. There will be no sense to build a hundred thin clients starting from grass root. Unless you have a quantity requirement exceeding 10K to warrant its production.. That is my observation from my experience in industry. I may be wrong.

Stephen Liu

From what I've been reading it seems as if a 10mb network wont be much good for ltsp.

Is this correct? is there a way of reducing the bandwidth required?

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