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RE: [K12OSN] progressive patch/linux progress patch/guiboot/SoClose!!

My problem is the lack of my knowledge on the k12ltsp boot process, and
what a kernel really needs to have in it.  The how-to we have been going
by is for booting with a 10/100 nic, I'm guessing to boot off of a
floppy.  We are using PXE.

I'm going to try joining the ltsp list to see if I can get some more
help on the matter.

I really think this would benefit everyone here.

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 22:23, Caleb Wagnon wrote:
> I never saw a reply to this post by Barry. Did anyone come up with
> anything? I haven't any experience with the progressive patch but will
> be playing with it soon to see what I can do.
> Caleb Wagnon, MCP
> Fordyce School District
> Office of Technology
> Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
> (870) 352-2968
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> From: k12osn-admin redhat com [mailto:k12osn-admin redhat com] On Behalf
> Of Barry Smoke
> Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 4:28 PM
> To: k12osn redhat com
> Subject: Re: [K12OSN] progressive patch/linux progress patch/gui
> boot/SoClose!!
> linux progress patch hides the boot messages and makes the boot process
> more like windows(starting windows bitmap, with scroling blue bar)
> check here:
> http://lpp.freelords.org/About.phtml
> http://lpp.freelords.org/
> and here are themes:
> http://lpp-themes.sourceforge.net/
> This is very useful, and has been implemented on ltsp(as you saw on the
> customkernel link below, and check here:
> http://www.ltsp.org/instructions-2.09pre4.html
> now I had to do this to make the instructions work without an error
> message:
> cp /usr/lib/mknbi/first32 0x92800 linux /usr/local/lib/mknbi/
> and Tait had already downloaded the newer version of mknbi_1.2-5.tar.gz
> because straight 1.2 crashed...
> now, I am to the point that I have a kernel compiled for ltsp from the
> above instructions, and can not get it to boot with k12ltsp.  I am sure
> it is my understanding of the ltsp/pxe boot process that is lacking....
> or there is something wrong with the instructions(lacking for k12ltsp?)
> Here is the steps so far:
> downloaded everything, from instructions from link below:(kernel
> sources,mknbi,ltsp_initrd_kit-3.0.4-i386.tgz, lpp patch)
> patched kernel, then copied ltsp_initrd_kit kernel config file to
> .config
> ran make xconfig
> turned on linux progress patch in console drivers
> turned on virtual framebuffer as stated in how-to
> compiled(make dep&&make -j3 bzImage&& make modules&& make
> modules_install)
> now have a bzImage file in /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-ltsp/arch/i386/boot
> ran buildk
> it created a vmlinuz-2.4.18 (which the how-to says to use)
> but it also created an initrd.ltsp(old one is initrd.lts in current
> default)
> I have tried copying the vmlinuz-2.4.18 to /tftpboot/lts/pxe, and
> editing the /tftpboot/lts/pxe/pxelinux.cfg/default
> to 
> label linux
>   kernel vmlinuz-2.4.18
>   append root=/dev/ram0 rw init=/linuxrc initrd=initrd.ltsp vga=quiet
> NOTE***
> I have tried with the initrd.ltsp file and without
> Results as follows:
> when I reference the vmlinuz-2.4.18 file created with the
> ltsp_initrd_kit at all(with or without the initrd entry) it gives an
> error
> when I copy the bzImage file directly from my compiled source tree, and
> reference the initrd created with the kit, I get closer, but it can't
> find the modules, which I assume is the ramdisk not working properly...
> is the initrd kit not working properly?
> Any ideas?
> Have I missed any steps?
> Why would the kernel I compiled boot(no lpp gui by the way when it does)
> but then freeze at modules, yet the one created with initrd kit not work
> at all?
> All help appreciated!
> Barry Smoke
> District Network Admin
> Bryant Public Schools
> Bryant, AR
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