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Re: [K12OSN] stupid mail question

Ok, first the clients that you mentioned are generally set up as an imap
or pop mail client.  Sendmail is not an imap or pop mail daemon.

Next, don't use pop (Post Office Protocol, IIRC) mail.  It's insecure to
the point of being absurd.  Sadly, by default imap (and I forget what this
acronym stands for) isn't much better.  At least you can do things to an
imap daemon to help (wrap the connection in SSL, a few other things).

Anyway, by default Redhat includes UWIMAP.  It's been my experience that
UWIMAP isn't the most secure imap daemon out there.  However, it's there
and it's fairly easy to set up.  Alternatives exist, such as Courier IMAP,
and the Cyrus IMAP daemon (my personal favorite).  However, the
alternatives generally use a different mailbox format (the way the mail is
stored on the server), and can be quite difficult to get working.

Now, it's entirely possible that UWIMAP is already running.  IIRC, on a
standard Redhat install it would be running out of inetd or xinetd (it
would depend on how new your install is, somewhere around Redhat 7.0 or
7.1 they changed from the older inetd to xinetd).

Assuming xinetd, in your /etc directory on the server you should see a
file called xinetd.conf and a directory called xinetd.d.  In that
directory you should see a file called imap or uwimap or something
similar.  It should be obvious when you look through that directory
listing.  If you look in that file you may see something like "disable =
yes".  If you do, change it to "no" and then restart xinetd (the command
would be '/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart').  UWIMAP should now be

You can test by trying to use the Mozilla or Netscape client running on
one of your terminals by entering "localhost" as Julius suggested, or you
can use the fully qualified domain name for your server.

There are several good books on this topic, in particular the O'Reilly
book on Sendmail has a chapter or two devoted to imap daemons and their
use with Sendmail.  There is also an O'Reilly book called Managing IMAP
which is also an excellent reference.

Please remember that I have not used Sendmail or UWIMAP in quite a while
(I personally prefer Postfix to Sendmail and Cyrus to UWIMAP), so follow
these directions at your own risk.  Hopefully they will at least point you
in the right direction.


On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

> Duane,
> 	if your k12 box is used as the sendmail server, enter "localhost"
> for both incoming and outgoing mail servers in the netscape config.
> On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, Duane Wilson wrote:
> >
> > Can someone tell me how to get any mail programs (mozilla mail or netscape mail)
> > to access sendmail for all our inhouse e-mail needs.
> >   At the moment all e-mail stays within the k12 server. I just want the teacher and
> > kids to be able to mail each other.
> >   I tried to teach them to use pine,  but they all backed way off when it came to
> > command line operations.
> >   I have tried everything I can think of in the config fields for the send and receive
> > server fields in both mozilla and netscape config windows.
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