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Re: [K12OSN] request for k12ltsp kernel .config file....was linux progress patch

LTSP.org would have those files I would think. K12ltsp uses the packages from ltsp.org. K12ltsp really just makes things more user freindly than having to build from the ltsp packages yourself. The main difference between k12ltsp and ltsp is with k12 most of the work of ltsp is already done for you. Eric's done a lot of work, but I don't know that he's had to modify those base packages much if at all. As far as getting into the specifics of the pxe and bootp kernels, that's where you guys are ahead of me. Eric would be able to help. I do remember reading somewhere that the progressive patch currently only worked with bootp (booting from floppy) and didn't have pxe support although I don't know the reason.

hth a little

Caleb Wagnon 

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