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Re: [K12OSN] request for k12ltsp kernel .config file....was linuxprogress patch

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Barry Smoke wrote:

>Can we get the .config file for the ltsp kernel?  We believe this to be 
>the root of our problem.  We would like to take the .config file for the 
>kernel that was compiled for k12ltsp,  and apply the lpp patch to it, 
>and see where we get.

I don't compile my own terminal kernels, I use the stock LTSP versions.

There is a HOWTO on the ltsp.org site: 


>Also, what needs to be done to a k12ltsp kernel, vs. a regular ltsp 
>is there anything different?
>We are using PXE...
>Do you use the ltsp_initrd_kit to prepare the stock k12ltsp kernel?

I actually do the reverse for making the PXE kernels. I take the BOOTP
version of the kernel that LTSP ships and I strip out the plain kernel and
the initrd. 

I won't go into detail since it's really arcane and doesn't answer your


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