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Re: [K12OSN] Thinner version of LTSP

> > On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 22:48, Amiel Heyde wrote:
> > > Is there any other "thinner" version of LTSP?
> > > Is someone ever going to make one?
> > > 
> > > >From what I've been reading it seems as if a 10mb network wont be much good for ltsp.
> > > 
> > > Is this correct? is there a way of reducing the bandwidth required?

A 10Mbit network is not what you want, 10Mbit clients is OK though.

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 09:04:51AM -0500, jam McQuil com wrote:
> On 3 Nov 2002, Joshua Schmidlkofer wrote:
> > I have used X  -  With a full desktop via a DSL modem.   I relied on
> > 'lbxproxy'.  I am actually shocked that the LTSP has not made a heavier
> > use of this..    Is anyone using it?  I really would like to use it, and
> > I have not had great success with automated initiation of it, or any
> > details like that.  I spent a weekend pouring over X docs looking for
> > automation or setup for it, there were precious little, save the basics
> > of how to use it.

I have used it for a special purpose: running galeon to pay bills with
a internet bank. I had a adsl connection work -> home at 2.5 Mbit and
0.6 Mbit home -> work. I setup lbx in connection with ssh, and I
agree, it was trivial to set-up (until I found a nice little script
for it on the net).

OpenOffice was to my surprise quite workable at 2.5 Mbits and ssh +
lbx + compression. As I recall it (I don't have adsl at home any more)
there where problems with stablity though. I tried to turn off some of
the proxy features of lbx, but it didn't help. So there is arguments
against using it as default.

> We've not made use of lbx, because I heard it straight from Keith
> Packard (The guy who wrote lbx) that lbx was going away, in favor
> of ssh.

My experience is that the best performance on a slow link and a fast
server (P4) was with the combination of ssh (using the -C switch to
turn on compression) and lbx.

As for using ssh (or compression with lbx) the problem is that the
terminals with 10Mbit NICs that would benefit the most would generally
be the oldest and slowest computers (PCI started in large scale with
pentiums) and having 486:s decompressing data streams might have
visual effects on their responsiveness.

> As for making use of that, if you've got the time, we could use
> the help.
> Jim McQuillan

I have found a nice little script called "lbxinit" that automates lbx
over ssh and also does X authentication the right way (thats the
tricky part). It is "installed" on both ends and invoked like this:

lbxinit r <ip.of.application.server> <program_to_run>

lbxinit comes from http://www.gelatinous.com/aaron/tips/lbxproxy but I
had to hack the RCOOKIE line to get it to work with Debian 3.0

Good Luck!


if [ $1 = "l" ]; then

        echo add $LHOST:$SCREEN $COOKIE
        echo add :$SCREEN $COOKIE

        xauth add $LHOST:$SCREEN $COOKIE
        xauth add :$SCREEN $COOKIE

        lbxproxy :$SCREEN -nocomp -compstats > $HOME/.lbxproxy 2>&1 &


elif [ $1 = "r" ]; then
        RCOOKIE=`xauth list $DISPLAY | awk '{print $2 " " $3}' | grep MIT `
        ssh -X -C $RHOST bin/lbxinit l $RHOST "'$RCOOKIE'" $PROGRAM
        echo Incorrect usage: lbxinit [r host program |l host protocol cookie program]

Hans Ekbrand

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