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[K12OSN] Trouble with Dell 486 as terminal client

Hi all,

The tech coordinator at my school and I are currently evaluating LTSP as an option to set up a 10 station lab in my science classroom. We have LTSP installed on a dual 1GHz PIII box with dual integrated EEPro NICs and 1GB of RAM. We have a Dell model 4583/L with an 83 MHz Pentium Overdrive, 40 MB of RAM, and a 3C509-COMBO Ethernet card set up as a client, connected to the server through a 3COM 10BT hub. We have succeeded in getting an Etherboot disk to boot the client and retrieve the kernel. The client begins to boot, then we get the dreaded message:

VFS: Cannot open root device "ram0" or 01:00
Please append a correct "root=" boot option
kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:00

I have seen this series of messages on the list before, but have never seen a clear solution for this. I have made the modifications to /etc/dhcpd.conf to allow the detection of the 3c509 and restarted dhcpd, to no avail. In order for this lab to be set up this year, we need to use these (donated) machines and networking hardware for the clients. Has anyone had experience with Dell 486s-turned-Pentiums? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

Ken Worster
Physics and Chemistry Teacher
Penquis Valley HS
Milo, ME
kworster penquis com

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