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Re: [K12OSN] News Server

wj bensonhs pps k12 or us wrote:

Well, I almost have the news server installed, And you are all welcome to access it. You do have to be inside the PPS "Fire" wall that is pretty painfull to get though (all be it not impossible). The address will be bensonhs.pps.k12.or.us and we will be closly monitoring the server. The point of the news server is for a specific class to have a common place to post assignments and what not. I dont really like the idea, and a mailing list is not really suited for the class.

ok, I can't connect to it. My guess is it's firewalled in, like it should be.

Please be exceedingly careful opening these ports to the 'Net. If you do, make very certain it's for *incoming* connects *only*. Should your firewall allow an outgoing connect on :news and you, very suddenly, have no content policy whatsoever. To demonstrate, I suggest you have a look through the alt.binaries list of groups to see just what you will be dealing with. DO NOT DO THIS FROM THE SCHOOL - you have been warned.

I took a look a while back at running a news server, and allowing only *approved* newsgroups in, but I never did anything more with it. If you do manage to ;

1. allow incoming connects (anyone offsite can connect)
2. deny outgoing :news connects (students can only use *your* server)
3. filter incoming newsgroups by name (allow only approved material)
4. [what have I not thought of..]

then do share it with the list.. I, for one, would duplicate your efforts here (at home.) My older Son could do with access to Java Programming groups etc, but I won't let News in because of the content risk.

regards, Steve

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