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Re: [K12OSN] News Server

Henning Petersen Wangerin wrote:

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 08:14:36 -0600, you wrote:

Why not use a bulletin board that is strictly internal?  If not internal
than put it up on Binkster or some other free server? I'm like you, I don't
think that I could be comfortable bring in a news server to our district.

Why not? There is no need at all to make the news-server peer to usenet.

Absolutely. If you utterly firewall the news server *in* there is limited risk. Standard security policy is to disable non-essential services, particularly when they are difficult or convoluted to protect. News: just like NFS is difficult to protect - so you firewall it in - end of story.

Even with these services protected - you still have client software running, with exceeedingly hazardous (to your career) material on the other side of your firewall. How will you guarantee the firewall remains secure ? How will you check if kids are attempting to get through it ? Do you watch the firewall logs for attempts at port 119 ? You must be able to detect a covert team of hax0rs on your network, because sooner-or-later there will be one.

I personally hate all those htlm-boards, and don't use them. Mailing lists can also be a pain, but profer access to the info thru a news-server.

Many places news<->mail integration is done, but there i no problem in
combining with a http interface to a news-server also

It's my plan to combine it in my company using a news-server to
maintain archives of a number of mailinglists. But for those who don't
wanting news-access or prefering a bbs-style access they access the
news-server via a web-page.

Fine. but at a school, you had better have it correct - the first time.. or there will be headlines in the papers and it will have your name on it.

Web services are a necessary evil, but we have a good tool for protecting that. Also, it's relatively difficult to get "good quality" pr0n etc from the web but it is utterly trivial to get it from the newsgroups, and lots of it.

be careful out there..


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