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[K12OSN] OpenOffice and 3.0beta

Hi all,

This is relatively minor, but it would help if you point me in the right direction.

I noticed that openoffice on 3.0beta does not default to saving in Microsoft formats, or have the templates that Eric merged into his wonderful openoffice package for k12ltsp 2.1.1. I assume this is because 3.0beta uses the redhat packages..

Would the easiest was of incorporating these changes be to uninstall the redhat openoffice packages, and reinstall the K12ltsp packages? Would that cause problems for future upgrades? say to 3.0 final or beyond.

Or, would you recommend that I make these changes system wide manually?

Thanks for all the hard work! Some may not agree, but most of my users (with little to no linux experience) really like the Redhat 8.0/Gnome 2 interface.

Ben Nickell
Technical Services Director -- College of Arts and Sciences -- Idaho State University
Technology Coordinator -- Pocatello Community Charter School

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