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[K12OSN] [OT] Routing question

A vendor is sticking a black box on our network (one which I have no control over) which has several open ports to the Internet - I don't trust it.

I built a linux router (based on RH8.0, but stripped waaaaay down) which sits between it and the rest of our network. It does not firewall, it simply drops routes to our internal network, effectively making us invisible to the box, while still allowing the box to see the rest of the world - it works exactly as I had designed in that regard.

However, the router is introducing serious bandwidth and latency issues. The router is actually a dual P3-450 with 512MB of Ram (talk about overkill!), and our Internet connection is a T-1.

The box is a video conferencing unit, so it is sensitive to latency in a big way, and it also wants bandwidth. Sitting on the black-box behind the router, download speeds from a test site ranged from 80-110KB/s, varying dramatically over the course of the download. Downloading from the router itself or another machine on our network not behind the router resulted in downloads at a consistent 155-165KB/s, or the full T-1. These tests were back-to-back, so it wasn't luck of the draw on the Internet connection.

So, the router is definitely injecting some delays.

Anyone have any suggestions on tuning the router? Or better, point me to a great resource online (web or e-mail list)?

Thanks for the help!

Chris Hobbs       Silver Valley Unified School District
Head geek:              Technology Services Coordinator
webmaster:   http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/
postmaster:               chobbs silvervalley k12 ca us

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