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[K12OSN] Tiny Little Users

First, a yippee! -- due to excitement in my school district about the LTSP notion... Hats off to Eric, Paul, and all involved.

My current (read: only) LTSP lab is a 4th grade classroom. There are 4 recylcled P133's with a PIII 1.13, 512MB RAM running as the server. Very fast, very nice -- but frustrating at times. Let me elaborate, then actually ask my questions. :)

The biggest problem we have is probably linked to the /etc/skel directory. The teacher actually creates the accounts, then logs in as each student to set up things appropriately. (Proxies, homepage, get rid of redhat network notifying thing, start up open-office to set up defaults, etc) ... I still don't know how to get GNOME to not show the "start here" window on login... :)

Many of the LTSP 3.0 things are very appealing (one of them being the ability to use GNOME, and not have people complaining it doesn't look like KDE!), so I installed the beta. Since the menus are tough to mangle in RH8, I think I am going to install 2.1.2 again -- but that leads to setting up the kids again, etc.

My question finally? There was a thread a while back, where someone tried to make a "default" desktop/login, and integrate it into the /etc/skel -- did that ever work? I know there were permission problems, etc, but it sure does make sense. Also -- Eric, what does the "restore desktop" script of yours do? Does it read from the /etc/skel? I know... I could go read the script, but I figure you'd know the answer offhand. :)

Thanks for any insight -- I really just want to make adding users something the teacher can do, and not dread...

Next year, I get to incorporate linux district wide, with home directories, shared with windows/mac/linux, etc. How geeky is it that I'm giddy about that?

Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools

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