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Re: [K12OSN] Tiny Little Users

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Shawn Powers wrote:

>The biggest problem we have is probably linked to the /etc/skel 
>directory.  The teacher actually creates the accounts, then logs in as 
>each student to set up things appropriately.  

>(Proxies, homepage, 

Earlier I was looking for a Mozilla default configuration HOWTO that I
used to have bookmarked. Anyone know where to find such a beast?

>get rid of redhat network notifying thing, 

rpm -e rhn-applet

>start up open-office to set up 
>defaults, etc) ... 

I'm about to dig into this one...

>I still don't know how to get GNOME to not show the 
>"start here" window on login... :)

This will prevent the icon from appearing on new user's desktops:

	chmod go-wrx /usr/share/nautilus/starthere*

It's not immediately obvious how to change the default location on login.

>etc, but it sure does make sense.  Also -- Eric, what does the "restore 
>desktop" script of yours do?  Does it read from the /etc/skel?   I 
>know... I could go read the script, but I figure you'd know the answer 
>offhand. :)

The "reset desktop" just nukes .gnome*,.kde*, and friends; copies over
the .gnome*, .kde*, etc files from /etc/skel/; and then executes the 
default window manager.


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