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Re: [K12OSN] [OT] Routing question

In the really obvious category...is dns working right on the router?
Do the full/half duplex setting match between the router and
everything else?
Swap cables?  Hub/switch ports?

Jim Wildman, CISSP                                      jim rossberry com

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Chris Hobbs wrote:

> A vendor is sticking a black box on our network (one which I have no 
> control over) which has several open ports to the Internet - I don't 
> trust it.
> I built a linux router (based on RH8.0, but stripped waaaaay down) which 
> sits between it and the rest of our network. It does not firewall, it 
> simply drops routes to our internal network, effectively making us 
> invisible to the box, while still allowing the box to see the rest of 
> the world - it works exactly as I had designed in that regard.
> However, the router is introducing serious bandwidth and latency issues. 
> The router is actually a dual P3-450 with 512MB of Ram (talk about 
> overkill!), and our Internet connection is a T-1.
> The box is a video conferencing unit, so it is sensitive to latency in a 
> big way, and it also wants bandwidth. Sitting on the black-box behind 
> the router, download speeds from a test site ranged from 80-110KB/s, 
> varying dramatically  over the course of the download. Downloading from 
> the router itself or another machine on our network not behind the 
> router resulted in downloads at a consistent 155-165KB/s, or the full 
> T-1. These tests were back-to-back, so it wasn't luck of the draw on the 
> Internet connection.
> So, the router is definitely injecting some delays.
> Anyone have any suggestions on tuning the router? Or better, point me to 
> a great resource online (web or e-mail list)?
> Thanks for the help!

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