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Re: [K12OSN] News Server

William McCloskey wrote:

Well, This all started with a teacher wanting a news server for the purpose
of assignments. I dont want to use yahoo groups for various reasons and if
we were to setup a web based BB it would be in accessable from the outside
(Or password protected if it was). I happen to be one of the head devs for
the BB I am considering (myBB http://www.mybboard.com/) but still want a
news server to apise the teacher that is bugging me for it. I personally
think the teacher needs to find a better way to do it.

ok, <lecture mode OFF>

Here's a good place to start- http://richtech.ca/seul/index.php

The newest item in this catalog is 'whiteboard' ;

*Whiteboard is a fully-featured integrated courseware system targeted toward colleges and universities. It supports multiple departments and courses including cross- listed courses, simple migration of courses to new semesters, grade storage, checking, and calculation, assignment submission, testing, and retrieval, documents, announcements, and discussion boards. It is written using PHP and MySQL, and is administrable through its Web interface.*

Or, click on the *Intranet* category and you will find lots of web-based applications that have been designed to facilitate delivering homework to students. Since this is precisely what is being requested, you may in fact be out of the woods!

Once you are happy with the stability of the product, you may be able to open this application through your firewall. Students will then be able to access their assignments from home, using their account login details.

I encourage you to be straight-up with your teachers - if there are issues with their requests, security or otherwise, simply tell them "until we can do it securely, it's out of the question - <reason>"

As always, do let the list know how you get on with it, and if we can assist..


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