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[K12OSN] 16 bit color with Cirrus Logic 542/3/4X?

Well, I tried another Dell 486-turned-Pentium unit we had after I installed the 
newest ltsp kernel package, and I have managed to get it to boot all the way to 
the login screen.  However, I had to make the following changes to lts.conf to 
get it to work, and then only in 8 bit color.  It has an onboard Cirrus Logic 
gd5429 chipset, I think.  If not, it's a close relative.

[ws004] # The Dell workstation
        X_RES_1=800x600 40 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628 +hsync +vsync

>From my research, this card will suppport 16 bit color, but only if the option 
"linear" is set in the device section of the xf86config file.  Setting 
X_COLOR_DEPTH to 16 didn't do the trick.  From what I can tell about ltsp, the 
only way to do this is to write a custom xf86config for all X settings and 
specify it in the lts.conf file.  

1.  Is there an easier / better way than writing an entire xf86config?
2.  Does anyone have a working xf86config for this type of graphics card?

Thanks for the help on this issue and all the previous ones.  We're inching 
closer and closer to deployment... :)

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