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RE: [K12OSN] a DHCP Question and a user management

Our use here is mostly for network testing and measurement (I use ethereal
among other little network apps) to sniff on our network.  We are in the
high tech market making radio frequency measurement equipment.  The ltsp
stuff is JUST for the IT department at present.  We have an app (sbclient)
that doesn't run well under wine otherwise we would roll this out to all our
old 133 stations on the shop floor.

I have an NT box pushing dhcp to all the clients (about 180) right now.  I
have made the NT dhcp box send the right options to the client.

The way I run it now, the ltsp server runs dhcp, but instead of specifying a
range of IP's, I only have a few static ip's listed for specific
workstations.  For whatever reason, the clients always take that address
first.  I'm not sure why that is at the moment.  I haven't read enough on
dhcp to realize if it's preferential to a server type or a server that knows
it's MAC address.  Could be?  Someone else here might know better than I.

My NT clients are on a different range of addresses, but all on the same
subnet as my ltsp stuff.

Let me know, I can send along my dhcpd.conf file if you want to take a look
at it.  It is simple really, I just tweaked it till it worked that way I
wanted it too.

In short:  Everyone can get DHCP from my main NT box.  Only a few specific
workstations can get dhcp from the ltsp server.  It will not respond to
anything other than the specific MAC addresses I have listed in my

I hope this makes some sense :)  it makes sense in my head  haha


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> Has anyone responded to you about the DHCP thing yet?  I do use it 
> here at work with an NT dhcp box.
> Let me know!
> -Matt


I have not gotten an answer on this yet.  I think a K12LTSP server is the
best option for the site (weekly newspaper, lots of old P133's around and
they really only need OOo and NS on most of the machines we will be using,
although 2 of the G3 Macs may end up using Scribus as well, but if they do
they will likely get there own app server for it), but I can't replace the
DHCP server on this network, as the contract with the ISP has some funny
clauses in it, and the wiring will not permit the normal 2 NIC setup.  Any
advice would be appreciated.

JOOC, aside from myself, how many people are running K12LTSP servers in a
business setting, and what setting are you running it in?  I have it
installed in a law office (soon to be 2, with the possibility of a third as
well), an insurance office, and a combined vets office/insurance billing
office (formerly and still partially a Mac shop) and I am about to try it
along in a weekly newspaper as well.

Steven Santos

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