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[K12OSN] WAS: Tiny Little users

Thank you all. Today's parent-teacher conference in the 4th grade classroom is an exploratory using the LTSP computers. :) Hopefully the parents will really use the computers, and see the value.

A new question I have, is about the "menuing" in RH8. Am I correctly remembering someone saying the method to edit isn't released yet? Do Gnome and KDE use the same menu in "bluecurve" ? Does this mean there aren't tools to edit, or no ability?!?! (I haven't had RH8 installed anywhere long enough that I could poke around myself)

It's never been very clear to me the method for system wide changes to menus/panels. (after enough digging, most of it pans out, but it's not usually easy) At the very least, I'd like to figure out as much as I can, and write some sort of mini-HOWTO regarding its setup. Also, I want to nail down exactly HOW MUCH you can predefine for a new user (or a "restored desktop" user). Am I beating a dead horse? Does everyone struggle with this? Or does everyone already "get it" and I'm just slow? Perhaps it's because my first users are elementary kids, due to elementary staff willingness. Thoughts?


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