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Re: [K12OSN] Just getting started

Hello Dave,

The K12LTSP.org site has most of what you're looking for. See the client
section at:

We've found that 10 clients can often be the limit for IDE drives. You
will also be taxing your memory at that number. Faster drives and more
memory go a long way.

You can use the server as a workstation just fine. Just make sure no one
turns it off or your other users will complain!

;-) Paul

On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 16:23, Dave Prentice wrote:
> Hello anybody,
>     I sent this once but never saw a response. Here goes again:
> 1. I have now set up a dual PII 350mhz with 512meg RAM and 8gig hard
> drive space with K12LTSP runing RH7.3. Am I correct in understanding
> that 512meg should allow about 10 clients?
> 2. Now that the (planned) server is running fine as a standalone,
> where can I find a HOWTO describing the steps needed to configure it
> to start supporting clients? Likewise, where is a HOWTO on exactly how
> to configure each client?
> 3. Can the server be used to run X at my desk while it is supporting
> clients, or does it have to be left alone for server duty only?
> Thanks,
> Dave Prentice
> prentice instruction com
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