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RE: [K12OSN] WAS: Tiny Little users

Hi Shawn,

> A new question I have, is about the "menuing" in RH8.  Am I correctly
> remembering someone saying the method to edit isn't released yet?  Do
> Gnome and KDE use the same menu in "bluecurve" ?  Does this mean there
> aren't tools to edit, or no ability?!?!  

Yes, as far as I am aware there aren't any tools out yet to the menu
structure under RH8 or Gnome2 in general (I'd love someone to prove me
wrong). You can still edit the menus, but it requires you to mess with
the XML vFolders and *.desktop application links. So far I've restrained
myself to adding new apps to the existing menus; changing the menu
structure requires making changes to the vFolder files, and I haven't
found a good reference to the vFolder file format other than just
reading the vFolder files themselves. 

If you're interested I'll dig around and find the information that I've
found so far on editing the new menu system.


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