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RE: [K12OSN] a DHCP Question and a user management

Here is the quick and dirty dhcpd.conf file I am using.  I am ONLY giving to
certain IP addresses.  Your theory that my ltsp box responds faster than my
NT boxes is probably correct.  It does seem to work consistently however.
Please note that I am supernetted here utilizing through with a subnet of  The clients for NT are all
in the 101.xxx to 103.xxx range.  All of the static devices are in the 100.1
to 100.100 range.  LTSP, well you can look below, but it's not within nt's
dhcp range at all.  The NT box has several other dhcp ranges, but they are
across routers to other locations.  I tried looking at classing on the NT
box, but was hard pressed for any documentation on it.  

Maybe I am out of luck on NT 4.0.  Since this isn't vitally important to
production here, I haven't put a lot of time into making this the way it
should be.  It just works for me now so I haven't changed it :)  I'd be
happy to work with someone on the nt portion.  Also note that I can make NT
dhcp pass some options and not use the LTSP dhcp server at all.  The only
problem here is that with such a large range I couldn't assign host names to
workstations.   There are NO static dhcp mapping on NT.

As an aside:  I am using the beta with redhat 8.0.  I upgraded from 7.3 and
everything seems to be going well.  My server is somewhat weak:  Celeron
1.7ghz, 60 gb IDE hard drive, 512mb RAM.  This is enough for the few clients
we have.

________________ being dhcpd.conf ___________________________
default-lease-time            21600;
max-lease-time                21600;
ddns-update-style none;

option subnet-mask  ;
option broadcast-address;
option routers      ;
option domain-name-servers;
option domain-name            "foobar.com";  (changed to protect the
option root-path              "";

shared-network WORKSTATIONS {
    subnet netmask {

group   {
    use-host-decl-names       on;
    option log-servers;

    host ws003 {
        hardware ethernet     00:50:04:6D:29:FC;
        filename              "/lts/vmlinuz-2.4.9-ltsp";

    host ws004 {
        hardware ethernet     00:B0:D0:A3:9F:6C;
        filename              "/lts/vmlinuz-2.4.9-ltsp";

    host ws005 {
       hardware ethernet     00:04:5A:7B:A0:8A;
        filename              "/lts/vmlinuz-2.4.9-ltsp";

    host ws006 {
        hardware ethernet     00:D0:B7:83:F4:90;
        filename              "/lts/vmlinuz-2.4.9-ltsp";

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> From: Matt Loretitsch <matt bird-technologies com>
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> Subject: RE: [K12OSN] a DHCP Question and a user management
> Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:24:32 -0500
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> Our use here is mostly for network testing and measurement (I use 
> ethereal among other little network apps) to sniff on our network.  We 
> are in the high tech market making radio frequency measurement 
> equipment.  The ltsp stuff is JUST for the IT department at present.  
> We have an app (sbclient) that doesn't run well under wine otherwise 
> we would roll this out to all our old 133 stations on the shop floor.

> I have an NT box pushing dhcp to all the clients (about 180) right 
> now.  I have made the NT dhcp box send the right options to the 
> client.

> The way I run it now, the ltsp server runs dhcp, but instead of 
> specifying a range of IP's, I only have a few static ip's listed for 
> specific workstations.  For whatever reason, the clients always take 
> that address first.  I'm not sure why that is at the moment.  I 
> haven't read enough on dhcp to realize if it's preferential to a 
> server type or a server that knows it's MAC address.  Could be?  
> Someone else here might know better than I.

> My NT clients are on a different range of addresses, but all on the 
> same subnet as my ltsp stuff.

> Let me know, I can send along my dhcpd.conf file if you want to take a 
> look at it.  It is simple really, I just tweaked it till it worked 
> that way I wanted it too.

I would LOVE to see your dhcpd.conf file, as I can only think of 3 ways this
can work (unless I am missing something, which is the most likely answer)

1. your NT box set up to only assign DHCP leases to registered MAC
addresses, or 2. Your NT box is set up to ignore those MAC addresses that
the LTSP server uses, or 3. Your LTSP server just responds faster to
requests than the NT box does

1. is more time than they will pay for, and I suspect more time than you
would have spent on this 2. I have never thought of, I am not sure how I
would go about doing, but am going to look into it 3. is the most obvious
answer, but I would not want to do this in an unattended network for obvious

> In short:  Everyone can get DHCP from my main NT box.  Only a few 
> specific workstations can get dhcp from the ltsp server.  It will not 
> respond to anything other than the specific MAC addresses I have 
> listed in my dhcpd.conf.

> I hope this makes some sense :)  it makes sense in my head  haha

It does, and it raises some interesting possibilities.  Thanks!

Steven Santos

Email : Steven StevenSantos com
Web   : www.stevensantos.com
Postal: PO Box 620753
        Newton, Ma. 02462

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