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Re: [K12OSN] Manhattan

We used Manhattan last year. It was successful in that it allowed some of our faculty to see the potential of such a system and it was relatively easy to set up. It was also relatively easy for users to understand.

On the other hand, Manhattan does have several limitations :

1. you can't create subfolders to manage assignments
2. once an assignment has been responded to, it can't be deleted by a teacher
3. you have to log in separately to each class, which is a pain in a K12 environment where students have several different classes
4. it validates logins against it's own databases individually, which need to be managed course by course (I patched ours to validate off of our NT domain controller, but it never worked seamlessly
5. administrator/advisor/parent access to student information on that system was problematic
6. basically course management is VERY rudimentary

These comments apply to the 0.92.2 version that was current up to 6 months ago; I don't know if there is a newer version or how many of these issues it might have addressed.

Basicallly, we gave up on Manhattan and are developing our own system with Zope/CMF, which has given us much more functionality.


Cornerstone Christian School wrote:
Howdy.. anyone using Manhattan? I am just looking at it now. It is a
virtual classroom run off Linux and Apache, but from what I can see it
using IE for the teacher's manual... I would guess that you can use
Galeon, Mozilla or what have you instead...

Anyone tried it in a school situation and liked it?




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