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[K12OSN] re: Redhat 7.2 bootup

Hi One and All, 

I'm a newbie to Linux. I have bought the K12LTSP.org CDs to install
Redhat 7.2 on to some of my machines. I'm having a bit of trouble and
was hoping someone out there in LinuxLand might help me.

My goal is to create a dinky Library Lab using 8-10 clients and one
server. But first I need to figure out how the heck to "start" Linux! I
feel pretty stupid asking this question, but after I actually wipe off
Windoze, make a partition for Linux, install the distro and create a
boot floppy....how in the blue blazes do I start up Linux? The install
Cds seemed to do what they are supposed to, the floppy seemed to write
OK. I took out the CD, put in the floppy and started up. The machine
runs, and up comes a note/command line(?) something to the effect "boot
failed". Do I even need the floppy? Helpppppppp:(

Your patience and help is really appreciated.

Thanks for all the great information on the list too!

Nicholas Chovanes
Technology Teacher/Administrator
Minot Consolidated School
23 Shaw Hill Road
Minot, ME 04258
v: 207.346.6471
f: 207.345.9535

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