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Logo, Robocode Was: Re: [K12OSN] a prospective client - k12ltsp andlogo

We have used Logo in the past. Steven Santos pointed you at the Logo Foundation
in another email. We used http://www.softronix.com/logo.html which is Windows and UCB Logo http://http.cs.berkeley.edu/%7Ebh/

I like logo. I liked how we could use turtle graphics to get going right away with something fun and could use that to teach about building bigger things out of the smaller parts. I liked that there was feedback right away, the kids tend to like that.

We are currently using Lego Mindstorms, Robocode etc. for some of what we do.
And we are using html, JavaScript etc. with the robotics stuff. The robotics stuff lets us show how to use blocks of behavior and how to build bigger blocks. It also has good hands on for those that like that. The html, JavaScript gives immediate feedback and can be a great start to all sorts of things. We used Robolab in a summer camp for 4-9th grade and it went well. The kids took to editing and adding 'cool' stuff right away. (well, when they were not battling their robots :-) )

I would be interested in hearing how it goes.

(disclaimer: I am not a teacher.)
I thought you were teaching your son :-)


Steve Wright wrote:
Yan Seiner wrote:

Also, is anyone using logo to teach? Any linux versions of logo out there?

I'm starting my 9 y/o Son in Logo, and robocode.

Logo should already be installed on your K12LTSP system, and this is an excellant introduction to procedures, and classes (or rather the concept of them.) You will need a programme for the kids to follow, and there are plenty of free ones, complete with teacher resource packs. Excellant.

Robocode is the next step after logo, and Chris is very excited about building battlebots in Java.

The step after Robocode is a full Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which I have installed as well. All this software is free, and of professional / developer quality. It is possible to write Java Software, and Java WebApplets using an IDE.

There is an excellant range of Java Tutorials for Kids and Adults, and I wholeheartly recommend this path of Tutoring.

(disclaimer: I am not a teacher.)

regards, Steve

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