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Re: [K12OSN] Switches with gigabit uplink

Linksys makes both cards and switches.  They have an 8-port switch with a
gigabit uplink (model EG0801W) which pricewatch.com lists for about $125
US.  Linksys also has a 24-port unmanaged switch with two gigabit uplink
ports (model EF24G2) which pricewatch.com lists for about $475 US.

Linksys has both 32-bit PCI and 64-bit PCI gigabit network cards.  Both
are again listed on pricewatch.com for about $80.

I'm sure many of the other less expensive switch manufacturers like Ark,
Trendnet, D-Link, etc., make comparable hardware.

Note that I have not used gigabit cards under linux yet.  Also, once upon
a time I stumbled across a review on several different gigabit network
cards, and I seem to recall that the cheapest cards tended to top out at
about 400-500 mbit rather than true gigabit speeds.  They also tended to
start dropping lots of packets under very heavy loads.  Sadly, I can't
find the review.  I did find this review that may be of assistance


Here's a linux network card compatibility list that mentions gigabit
network cards:



On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Daniel Loomis wrote:

> I have read several contributors' suggestion that 100 mb switches with gigabit
> uplinks are a good solution for speeding up ltsp networks.  Clearly, anything
> that removes bottleneck at the switch-to-server connection offers at least
> the potential for a marked speed advantage.
> My question is this:  Which gigabit network cards work well on the server and
> are supported by RH Linux 7.3-8.0?  Are there any make/model specific
> suggestions for an 8-16 port switch that provides 100tx ports for terminals
> and at least one gigabit uplink for the server?  In keeping with the
> budgeting realities most of us face, the options are not with high dollar
> managed switches.
> If the above cannot be obtained for under $1k (preferably under $500), most of
> us in the public and non-profit sector will not be able to consider such an
> option.
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