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Re: [K12OSN] a prospective client - k12ltsp and logo

Steve Langasek wrote:

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 08:55:24AM -0800, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

Honestly, why not start them in assembler?  Kids will usually learn
anything, it's us who have to start off slowly.

Because most people I know who started out in assembly are terrible programmers... :) Better to teach them basic concepts in programming first, so they have a chance to accomplish something in a higher-level language and can therefore recognize why most things are horrible to code in assembly...

Exactly. Programming these days is more about concepts than raw coding.

Kids need to understand about objects and message-passing. Logo is a good introduction to procedures, as it is abundantly clear that little can be done without using procedures, and it basically forces the programmer to break down their code into the smallest workable components.

Then, stepping up to Java 'formalizes' this process with the introduction of classes and clearer (than Logo) formal descriptions of what goes where.

This is in great contrast to the old days of 'BASIC' where you ended up with a single monlithic code that was incredibly complex and impossible to re-use. These days, there is no place in the professional programming world for this type of coding style and teaching it to kids does more to paralyse than it does to enable. (I spend hours warping my mind around new concepts, after the poisoning it got from basic + assembler. 8-)


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