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Re: [K12OSN] a prospective client - k12ltsp and logo

I would recommend  using Kylix as a teaching tool.

it is Borland's port of  Delphi  to Linux. Delphi was founded on Pascal, 
was originally written as teaching language.

Kylix is not only object oriented, but it is a rapid application development (RAD) environment.  
It contains the whole thing - integrated editor, forms, components,  and compiler in one.
The programs may be coded either in "C" or Pascal.

Of course it's available in a freeware edition.  
Here is a link to a review from the Linux Journal 

Following is the previous conversation  (part of ) 

> >>Honestly, why not start them in assembler?  Kids will usually learn
> >>anything, it's us who have to start off slowly.
> >>
> >
> >Because most people I know who started out in assembly are terrible
> >programmers... :)  Better to teach them basic concepts in programming
> >first, so they have a chance to accomplish something in a higher-level
> >language and can therefore recognize why most things are horrible to code
> >in assembly...
> >
> Exactly.  Programming these days is more about concepts than raw coding.
> Kids need to understand about objects and message-passing.  Logo is a 
> good introduction to procedures, as it is abundantly clear that little 
> can be done without using procedures, and it basically forces the 
> programmer to break down their code into the smallest workable components.

Don Logsdon

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