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[K12OSN] SCSI or IDE? (was Manhattan)

I have a computer to evaluate K12LTSP with.
Pentium4 2.4GHz 1GB RAM, 40GB IDE hard drive.
I also have a 9GB SCSI controller and hard drive which I could use.

So should I use the new 40GB IDE drive, or the 9GB SCSI?

The hardware should typically have to support around 20-25 clients in a mini
computer lab environment and in various classrooms throughout the school.
Ideally, I'd like the students to be able to access their files on the NT4
file server.

What methods are there to integrate or synchronize user accounts & passwords
with an existing NT4 domain, Samba???

Any other suggestions / caveats?

I have 2 different types of clients that I am proposing to use:
- SiS 5598 integrated VGA (supported only in xfree86 v3.3.6 and not in
- S3 Trio64 (well-supported w. xfree86 current and past versions).

Would the upcoming K12LTSP 3.0 be a problem to run on hardware which isn't
supported by the newer xfree86, is it possible or desirable to have K12LTSP
3.0 with the xfree86 3.3.6?

Manhattan Virtual Classroom (MVC) - I have installed MVC for our school
division on e-smith / Mitel SME Server 5.5 with help from the following


We are currently using MVC for distance learning of Information Processing
within our 4 schools.  As we are a rural school division our schools and
classes are quite small.  MVC is nice because it's all self-contained and
doesn't require the students to use external email or chat, and once the
classroom has been created each teacher they are responsible for
administration tasks within their own classrooms.  For us, Manhattan seems
to be a good fit.

Greg Padberg

Computer / Network Technician
Eston-Elrose School Division #33
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

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