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Re: [K12OSN] IDE software raid


I run software raid 0 with LTSP. I have done this both with SCSI and IDE. It will help. Definitely put only one hard drive on each ide cable. How many clients are you going to support? General rule if 50Meg per client.


Thomas E. Haynes wrote:


I am curious.

Has anyone tried a software Raid 0 with a LTSP install?

Can LTSP handle more users w/o SCSI drives configured this way?

I am thinking about doing a demo for the computer club at school. I have a
dual 500 w/ 768 MB of ram. I have two pretty zippy IDE drives and figure I
could set them up as Raid 0 on different controllers if that would help. I
fear the ram may really be my limitation, and I have maxed out the board

Regards... Tom

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