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Re: [K12OSN] printserver

Hi Perry,

The local printer How-To is very good for this.

As Julius mentioned you can use an old computer to do the job.

This is an ideal job for older 486 machines. You don't need to worry
about setting up any graphics stuff.

One point, again as Julius mentioned. Use a fixed IP address, then
everything works just fine.

You can even create a Samba Printer share using this method. So the  it
will show up in Network Neighbourhood for all Windoze boxes.

BTW the lts.conf file has an example of a local printer included.

So you get a boot rom image for the NIC from Rom-o-matic, set up the
terminal in your lts.conf file

Use the RH Printer config tool ( or CUPS I think) to configure the
printer in Linux, but instead of a local printer on the server you make
it a jetdirect printer. Point it at the terminal IP address and I think
it require :9100 as the port (this may be wrong, but it's covered in the

Pretty easy.

The place I worked for had some Macs that needed to print to a Canon
BJ4400. This solution worked out to be the most cost effective. Only the
implementation to go.

I suspect you could get an old 386 to do this, but I haven't tried it.
Anyone want to verify or correct this?



On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 04:20, Perry Paul Mathias wrote:
Could anyone recommend an efficient way to set up a printserver in a
k12ltsp lab?  I prefer not to attatch directly to the server as it is in
a closet.  Has anyone had luck with a floppy based print server?
Perry Mathias, IT Teacher
Total Education, Vancouver School Board, BC,CA

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