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Re: [K12OSN] Kids and programming

Not to start a Perl vs. Python debate, but have you considered Python?
There's a teacher here in the Twin Cities that is using Python in his
highschool classes.  He's mixing in Zope (a web application server written
in Python) as a practical example, and a link to a real task (dynamic web
development).  Zope works well for him because not only is it written in
Python, but when creating a website Python scripts can be used as external
methods to do some pretty impressive things.





On 11 Nov 2002, Yan Seiner wrote:

> Thanks for all the replies.  It was quite interesting reading.  I'm
> looking at teaching older kids (high school) but I think I'd like to
> extend that down to elementary school.
> Obviously, the high school kids are ready for more sophisticated
> programming; I'm thinking C and perl.  C is so close to assembler yet
> such a well defined language that it's easy to teach structured code in
> it.  Perl because it's so diametrically opposed to C, is object
> oriented, and text oriented.
> The elementary school kids aren't ready for C, perl, or anything that
> abstract.  Logo is a stretch for a 6 or 7 year old; just to draw  a
> square you have to understand a lot of geometry - as well as know how to
> read and write.
> --Yan

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