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Re: [K12OSN] Kids and programming

We use python in our High School intro classes, as well as offering an advanced elective in python programming and are very pleased with it.

IMHO it combines extreme simplicity at the very beginning level with the possibility of adding more advanced concepts (up through objects) incrementally.

jeffr odeon net wrote:
Not to start a Perl vs. Python debate, but have you considered Python?
There's a teacher here in the Twin Cities that is using Python in his
highschool classes.  He's mixing in Zope (a web application server written
in Python) as a practical example, and a link to a real task (dynamic web
development).  Zope works well for him because not only is it written in
Python, but when creating a website Python scripts can be used as external
methods to do some pretty impressive things.





On 11 Nov 2002, Yan Seiner wrote:

Thanks for all the replies.  It was quite interesting reading.  I'm
looking at teaching older kids (high school) but I think I'd like to
extend that down to elementary school.

Obviously, the high school kids are ready for more sophisticated
programming; I'm thinking C and perl.  C is so close to assembler yet
such a well defined language that it's easy to teach structured code in
it.  Perl because it's so diametrically opposed to C, is object
oriented, and text oriented.

The elementary school kids aren't ready for C, perl, or anything that
abstract.  Logo is a stretch for a 6 or 7 year old; just to draw  a
square you have to understand a lot of geometry - as well as know how to
read and write.


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