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Re: [K12OSN] Kids and programming

Vern Ceder wrote:

We use python in our High School intro classes, as well as offering an advanced elective in python programming and are very pleased with it.

IMHO it combines extreme simplicity at the very beginning level with the possibility of adding more advanced concepts (up through objects) incrementally.

"Objects" are only 'advanced' when you don't know about objects.

Kids who can ;

1.) call a new object
2.) send it a message to alter its' behaviour
3.) listen for messages from their object, and take appropriate action (send it a different message)

are able to write simple o-o software. The situation then is, they are ready to create a really complicated Object, and think carefully about what messages it sends, and what messages they send the object in response, to control the objects' outcome.

Doesn't sound that 'advanced' does it ? coz it isn't. Imagine what happens if you gave them a really *impressive* object to send some messages to.. like a 1 metre tall walking robot or something..


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