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Re: [K12OSN] Kids and programming

On Po, 2002-11-11 at 11:09, jeffr odeon net wrote:
> Not to start a Perl vs. Python debate, but have you considered Python?

Well, I know perl and I don't know python...  But I can always learn.

I just want to give the kids a good intro into two separate types of
languages - a rigorous, rigid, no safety net, number cruncher, etc. like
C, and a touchie-feelie, lose format, make lots of assumptions, great
safety net, etc. like perl.  (Not to offend anyone :-))

I figure in this world, you need both.  I like to use C as a starter,
because it teaches kids to think about bounds checking, buffers, memory,
pointers, etc.  Then, you can move on to a kindler, gentler language
like perl (or maybe python?) and really do some cool stuff in a short


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