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Re: [K12OSN] a prospective client - k12ltsp and logo

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

I know I've had more than my say in this thread, but if you will permit me ;

the young 'uns. they
find objectionable any programming that is not oo.

aww, it's not like that. 8-)

thing is, that business tasks are generally linear and require correct
sequencing. For instance, looking up price before the account is known is
plain wrong and trying to check the inventory without the account may
loose you best customers. You may have objects dealing with every
granular task, but you have to string them into valid sequences to achieve
a good result. This may seem obvious to you, but I have not interviewed
even one young programmer well versed in any oop that actually understood

There is something that you are not seeing.. if you will suspend your disbelief for a minute, and if I may.. 8-)

The example above refers to a broken implementation - With o-o, *at no time* should a 'higher' class intrude into a 'lower' classes data, or misunderstandings as you describe will occur.

Data (classes) *must* be correctly structured and abstracted from each other to *begin with* and then life becomes easy. This is *hard* for the linear programmer to understand, and it does seem like a waste of time.

But if the relationships between data (objects) are examined fully, we can categorize the data into single objects (classes) , and then make a new category of data (an new object) that not only contains all the members of the sub-classes, but *the relationships between them as well*.

Once we have built such an Object, life is very simple. We can simply 'speak into existance' a new 'thing' of type 'class' called 'foo', and all relationships are handled.

There is nothing further to be done except send some messages to 'thing (foo)' to tell it how to behave, if you need to. You may want to setup a couple of eventHandlers in case thing (foo) want's to say something to you, but largely, if the class 'thing' has been described and abstracted properly, you should have no further concerns about thing(foo).

Sometimes I think that people that get oo "religion" forget that life
itself is linear and despite best efforts of Java developers, all attempts
to reverse time have failed. julius

heh heh.. an alternative view is ; life is about things that can be categorized, that have inter-relationships with other things. Many of these things are similar, but have different names. We would prefer that we could pass messages to the managers of all these things, and they did as we asked. We would like to know if they have something relevant to say, otherwise they should go away and solve the problem themselves, and not involve us in the 'irrelevant', since we have already explained that to them in great detail.

disclaimer: a. I am not a programmer. b. there are probably many things I am not seeing


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