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Re: [K12OSN] Kids and programming

Phillips wrote:

"Objects" are only 'advanced' when you don't know about objects.

Kids who can ;

1.) call a new object
2.) send it a message to alter its' behaviour
3.) listen for messages from their object, and take appropriate action (send it a different message)


But Steve, does python work well for this? >

I'm not a Python Person, so I am unable to give specific approval, although I expect it will. I understand it is equally o-o as PHP4, Perl, et al.

I think the best overall solution is, the Kids come away from the exercise with a passion for writing software. Nothing else matters. If the tutor knows programming language 'Z' then he should proceed with that. IMO, Teaching kids serial-only, non-procedural programming techniques will not help long-term.

I have done the Logo - Java path because it forces the programmer to abstract their code. This will not limit the potential programmer to o-o code, but it provides the inital paradigm of o-o, which is hard to create for a serial programmer. Kids *can* grok the difficult wold of o-o, provided they don't have too many preconceived ideas.

regards, Steve

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