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Re: [K12OSN] Machines

On Út, 2002-11-12 at 20:22, Todd O'Bryan wrote:

> I have:
> (1) cost of software licenses (free is better than a Windows license 
> any day in my book, especially if we have to upgrade)
> (2) length of ownership (terminals can last for 5 or 6 years and you 
> can upgrade the whole lab just by upgrading the server(s) )
> (3) ease of administration (with a single file server, software can be 
> made locally available to all machines at one time, student
> work can be monitored from a central location, kids can log on to any 
> account from any machine, and I can too, which makes checking
> and helping easy)
> (4) experience for the future (I'm going to have them survey various 
> local and nationally recognized colleges. I'm guessing most CS programs 
> use *nix of some sort as their primary platform, and having the kids 
> learn how to navigate its intricacies in high school is a major leg up 
> that most schools don't have)
> Did I leave anything important out, or miss an important angle on 
> something I included? 

Security - few viruses can penetrate a *nix system
Security - it's easy to isolate users from system commands
Security - extensive logging of user activities
Security - it's very difficult for users to install/modify/hack system
Security - it's easy to keep system up to date for security updates
(what with autorpm, up2date, and apt-get these days)
Security - users can install own software without root/admin privileges

Oh, and did I mention security? ;-)

Also, remote access to files.  I could see setting up a wan for each
user - using something like vtun - and then students could get their
files using scp over a vpn....  Heck, have the students set up the


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