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RE: [K12OSN] Small School, Small Budget

As far as compatibility with Reader Rabbit and the sort, you’re not gonna have a lot of luck. I’ve got a teacher who let me switch her workstation to redhat and she loves it more than windows –only I never hear the end of it for her milly fitzwilly and reader rabbit not working. If anyone has done this LET ME KNOW AND I WILL PAY YOU MONEY (I’m lying about the paying part). I say you are in the ideal situation for ltsp. As far as speed, you won’t be able to beat it. Ltsp will be faster than win95 hands down. For server hardware I might add that memory should also be a big focus. The rule of thumb has been to allocate at least 50 megs of ram per client. For 22 machines you will need more than that one gig and remember that you must also allocate plenty for the server itself. If you’re planning on working with big apps like open office a lot, you might need to look at even more ram. I would also opt for scsi drives instead of ide. The ide drives will big a big bottleneck especially when running open office and the sort. I know you’re like the rest of us and have a stretched budget J so maybe you can sacrifice size for speed if need be. As far as your test at home, that should be good to begin with but keep in mind 256 mb ram and 2 terminals will really be stretched so expect better from a server. Hope some of this helps.


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The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better." So I installed LINUX.

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Well, I am the "technical rep" for a pretty small school (approx. 200 students) and we need to get the computer lab back up. We have a computer lab with 22 computers (Pentium 100, 16 mb ram, all 10/100 NICs).  Right now all these computers are hooked into 2 hubs which are connected to a DSL modem and router.  We have about $1500 to spend.  We are either goning to spend it on licenses for Windows and Office as we  currently ony have 2 or 3 (yuck....) or on a K12LSTP sever.  From what I see, this project looks pretty promising.  I'm just wondering about compatability with Windows "edutainment" (Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster, etc). Also how fast will this setup be? Faster than Windows  95? I've installed a copy of Red Hat 7.3 configured with OpenOffice and a Mozilla and really impressed the people with spending power, so all I really have to make sure of is the speed and compatability.  I've priced a couple servers and I figure we have enough budget to build a dual Athlon 2000 MP system with a gig of ram and 2 raid 40 gig ATA 100 hard drives. Would this make our lab fast at all? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appriceated...


Oh I am setting up a test experiment with my personal computer at home running 2 workstations off of my 1.2 ghz Athlon w/ 256 mb of RAM. Would this experiment be about what the speed would be with 20 terminals hooked up to a fast server?


Thanks for reading this long message.

Jared Irby

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