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RE: [K12OSN] Small School, Small Budget

FWIW, I was able to get Reader Rabbit to work using WineX from Transgaming.
 It was dreadfully slow though (but I only have old HW to play with so that
may have been a real factor).  I should give it another go.  My
"subscription" ran out so my Transgaming binaries may be a little dated. 
(Tried creating an RPM from their CVS tree a couple times with no real
success.  If anyone has a workable spec file for creating it, I would
appreciate a look at it.)

Anyway, there are a few windoze edutainment items that I would like to see
running under Linux myself.  We'll see how it goes...

James Jensen

--- wj bensonhs pps k12 or us wrote:
> If someone can hit me up with reader rabbit I can try to make it 
> work. I have had luck with most programs via some tweaking of the 
> code weavers edition of wine.
> > As far as compatibility with Reader Rabbit and the sort, you?re
> not
> > gonna have a lot of luck. I?ve got a teacher who let me switch
> her
> > workstation to redhat and she loves it more than windows ?only I 
> never
> > hear the end of it for her milly fitzwilly and reader rabbit not
> > working. If anyone has done this LET ME KNOW AND I WILL PAY YOU 
> > (I?m lying about the paying part). I say you are in the ideal
> > situation
> > for ltsp. As far as speed, you won?t be able to beat it. Ltsp
> will 
> be
> > faster than win95 hands down. For server hardware I might add that
> > memory should also be a big focus. The rule of thumb has been to
> > allocate at least 50 megs of ram per client. For 22 machines you 
> will
> > need more than that one gig and remember that you must also allocate
> > plenty for the server itself. If you?re planning on working with
> big
> > apps like open office a lot, you might need to look at even more 
> ram. I
> > would also opt for scsi drives instead of ide. The ide drives will 
> big a
> > big bottleneck especially when running open office and the sort. I 
> know
> > you?re like the rest of us and have a stretched budget :-) so
> maybe
> > you
> > can sacrifice size for speed if need be. As far as your test at 
> home,
> > that should be good to begin with but keep in mind 256 mb ram and 2
> > terminals will really be stretched so expect better from a server. 
> Hope
> > some of this helps.
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Caleb Wagnon, MCP

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