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RE: [K12OSN] Small School, Small Budget

Sorry, can't send the WineX RPMS.  That would violate TransGaming's quite
restrictive licensing agreement...  However, you *can* build your own RPMS
from the sourceforge CVS site (which is what I would have done in the first
place but couldn't--in need of a good spec file and/or how-to...)



James Jensen

--- wj bensonhs pps k12 or us wrote:
> Well. I dont work for a school district persay. I am a student at 
> Benson High School (http://www.bensonhs.net). We love to play with 
> technology and I think our last copy of reader rabbit got tossed with 
> the 486's 2 years ago. I will call up some people at our District 
> office. Just need to do some searching.
> Hey, Would you be intrested in sending me those "dated" binarys for 
> WineX? I am trying to get some stuff working on a linux box and want 
> to know if the subscription is really worth it.

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