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[K12OSN] Re: Supporting Macs on a Linux server

David asked:

"If you do use Linux, do you use it in a Macintosh environment and how do
you find the Netatalk solution working on your network for older boxes
versus OS X? Do you use Red Hat or YellowDog or what ever distribution?"

Hi David,

I'm going to forward your first question to some folks who are running Linux and Netatalk to serve Macs.

As for the second question:

"Do any of you find the NFS a good solution with Mac OS X or is it still
better for your school to still run an AppleTalk protocol versus TCP/IP? "

Most people who are running OS X Server (remember this OS is based on Darwin linux) are doing so with Appletalk turned OFF. There are Mac only schools running strictly IP networks. Printing and all fileservices are handled just fine over IP on Power Macs running 8.6 or higher. I run OS X on my laptop and am able to connect to it over the network from 68K machines over IP for file sharing as long as they have OS 7.6.1 (or higher) and Appleshare 3.8.3 (or higher)

That said, if you're talking about running a file server for 68K machines or macs that are otherwise running OS 7.6.1 or 8.1, and you want people to be able to find servers via the Chooser instead of by IP address, I think you will need the Netatalk service running.

Jimmy Schwankl

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