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Re: [K12OSN] Thanks, but a couple more questions.

(2): If you figure, on average, each user needs 50MB, 1GB will support 20 
users.  Since you'll need some for the OS, plus whatever number of users 
you've got above 20, I'd suggest getting 2GB RAM; that ought to be enough to 
give you some flexibility.

(3): You'll get better performance with the 1Ghz PIII and SCSI drives.  I 
don't want to say that processor speed is irrelevant, but particularly with 
Unix, disk speed and memory are much more important.


On Wednesday 13 November 2002 07:11, you wrote:

> > Thanks for all you're help so far but theres still a couple more things I
> need some info on. 1) Are there any good learning games for linux and if so
> where can I find them? 2) Running OpenOffice, Mozilla, and hopefully some
> of the games, how much memory should I get for the server running 22
> clients plus maybe 10 more in the next couple years that will be rarely
> used?. (?) 3) I have enough budget for either a dual PIII 1 ghz w/ scsi HDD
> or a dual Ahlon MP 1800 w/ IDE HDD. They are about the same price. Which
> should I get? (pros and cons)
> I should be getting the cd set anytime now (dsl kept dropping out so I
> couldn't DL) so I am gonna have my test server up and running. Maybe once I
> get this up I won't have as many questions.
> Jared Irby

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