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Re: [K12OSN] Thanks, but a couple more questions.

Hi Jared,

More below....

> 2) Running OpenOffice, Mozilla, and hopefully some of the games, how much memory should I get for the server running 22 clients plus maybe 10 more in the next couple years that will be rarely used?. (?)

I set up a dual PIII 850 w 3GB of ram looking to run between 25 / 35
terminals. I work on the assumption that you can never have too much RAM
on a terminal server.

There's nothing worse than users complaining about a slow machine.

My users had old P133s so a PII850 was a quantum leap for them speed

> 3) I have enough budget for either a dual PIII 1 ghz w/ scsi HDD or a dual Ahlon MP 1800 w/ IDE HDD. They are about the same price. Which should I get? (pros and cons)

I suggest you look a slower CPUs, and use the money saved to get SCSI

It has been noted on this list that performance drops dramatically when
you have more than 10 terminals using IDE drives. There was a message
thread on this about 3 weeks ago.

An example of SCSI performance is the old Novell 4.10 server at the
school I used to work at. Specs are (it is still in operation) P100 48MB
RAM 2 x 2Gb SCSI drives using software mirroring. This server is used
for file and print. 500 user accounts are serviced by this machine, and
it regularly has 30+ simultaneous connections to it. 

Slightly different performance requirements to a terminal server, but
the users don't complain about slow access speeds. The P75 workstations
are slower. This server is 5+ years old now.

When I specced up the server I worked on this rule of thumb.

Get as much RAM + SCSI DRIVE + PROCESSOR (x2) as my budget would allow.
RAM was highest priority and PROCESSOR was lowest in that equation.

I bought new, good quality parts and built the server up.

> I should be getting the cd set anytime now (dsl kept dropping out so I couldn't DL) so I am gonna have my test server up and running. Maybe once I get this up I won't have as many questions.
> Jared Irby

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