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Re: [K12OSN] RE: Supporting Macs on Linux Server

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Mark McCarty wrote:

>I started with Netatalk almost 5 years ago on a 486 with 16 MB of RAM that
>supported up to 30 simultaneous users on Macs with OS 7x and 8x. Other than
>some very slow times saving when the class hit the server at once, it worked
>great.  I eventually moved to a Pentium 233 MHz with 256MB which supported
>up to 60 simultaneous users as well as the school's web server, real audio
>server and email server.  The system was rock solid and the only failures
>were UBFs.  That sever has been running for 4 years and I believe it's still
>in use today.

Hey Mark,

Yes that server is still running, I adopted it after you left.

The teacher who does the account management called me just before school
started. She asked if we needed to upgrade it. I asked if she was happy
with it. (she was, so no need for an upgrade). She asked if I would help
her apply all of the security patches that came out over the summer (I had
already applied the patches). Finally she asked what she needed to do?
I suggested she taught kids. She laughed and said she'd call back in six
months or so just to say hi.

My kind of support call ;-)


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