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[K12OSN] "The Net is down" - now what???

Greetings folks

Having learned so much from this list and having contributed so little, I
am pleased to be able to post an aha! that I experienced today.

I had installed K12LRSP v1.2.1 on my demo server (I have a traveling circus
act going from one CIC/Tech Committee meeting to another - generally VERY
well received) and had left the system ready for the next day demo. As luck
would have it, the next day the "Internet is Down" comment a few minutes
before my scheduled presentation just about game me a heart atack. What was
strange was that when the workstations booted they would just not pick up
the network signal, in spite of the fact that the server was feeding their
small switch...

My solution:
1) in console I su'd and brought up 'neat'
2) in the settings for eth0 I made the default gateway
3) I made the secondary DNS (the server's ip)

When I reebooted the wstations they all came up beatifully! There was
naturally no Internet available, but all the other apps were operational. A
local .html file I had even provided an adequate feel for the browser
display. I will keep one such html document wherever I go.

This 1.2.1 version also worked beatifully with my Jammin 125 from
disklessworksations. What a neat little machine!

During the presentation one of the CIC members asked me if there was a way
to control a given user's access (like turning off his/her Internet access
on the fly) - I recalled a similar question/thread, but could not remember
where it led. Does anybody have an answer/info they feel like sharing?

Alan Hodson
aahodson episd org
ps. If my solution can create new problems, please feel free to speak...

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