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RE: [K12OSN] Supporting Macs on a Linux server

 It is server IP address in chooser,  if I recall, you firts got that choice
in 7.6.1 or later maybe.  We have hacked int he pref for it to allow 7.5.5
to use the same feature.  In fact wrote Applescripts to add it in.  7.5.5
lets us go as low onthe mac side as we really want to support so gettign
that feature solved one issue with a work around that we have with Win2K's
new feature of not broadcasting itself in chooser when SFM was running.

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On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Alan A Hodson wrote:

>If the district's switches have been programmed to not broadcast
>is this going to affect our using Netatalk down the road?
>Just curious and perplexed

Yes and no.

Macs are quite broadcast happy, but they can be used outside of
domains as well. 

A fair percentage of our Macs are distributed out on hundreds of
subnets. Our desktop support folks just connect to the server via its
domain name (it's something like "Server IP Address" in the chooser,
been a few weeks since I've looked at a Mac I can't remember the
and then make aliases on the desktop. The users then click on the
shortcuts rather than using the chooser to connect to the server.

All of the printers in their subnet show up in their chooser,  so it all
works out.

If I had to deal with a situation where Macs had to print to remote 
printers, I'd probably just drop a clunky old box onto that subnet and
use CUPS/Netatalk to make the remote printers appear to be local.


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