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[K12OSN] demo an LTSP server on a windows box, without doing a server install? YES!

I can't beleive what I am reading, but it is true. An Terminal Server that runs from a bootable CD.. I kid you not!

Insert CD, boot server, boot PXE client, boot ANOTHER PXE client, boot etherboot client.. and on it goes.. I can't believe it..

Now, if I want to demo LTSP to a school admin, I just, ahem, insert CD, reboot their server, and proceed to reboot all their clients into Linux.
To end the demo, I remove the CD and simply press the reset button on everything..

Gee, even the *server* can be diskless.. >8-o Of course you lose the lot when you reboot the server.. small inconvenience I guess...


Forwarded from NZ Open Source Society list.

Hi there, I have launched www.knoppix.net this week, and on it is the PC World knoppix article that Vik wrote if you have not seen it yet. I've also been doing some work on the knoppix cd, writing a few howtos, and the recent good news is that it's terminal server now boots clients via Etherboot as well as PXE. This means that a LTSP-Demo type cd is very easy to produce. Basicly LTSP without installing it :)


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