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Re: [K12OSN] Thinknic

From: Caleb Wagnon <cwagnon redbug dsc k12 ar us>

I just had a rep. from Thinknic call me to question me about my usage >of the products. I mentioned Linux Terminal Services and he knew >exactly what I was talking about. The guys at Thinknic are VERY aware >of LTSP and wanted to know what they could do to make things better.

How about a Thinknic laptop "appliance". No Harddrive, No Floppy, No CD, unusable away from server, so minimal walk-aways. Just a Boot ROM, Wireless or IR Ethernet to connect, big battery with a plugin recharger base (like a phone). Perhap a recharger/receiver that could store 5 to 10 units in a single base at the back of a classroom.

No wires, students can pick up any unit, take it to their desk, sign in to "home", do their work, testing, Web browsing, etc., plug it back into the recharger when finished. Kind of like those NTN trivia terminals, only with a real keyboard and screen.

Or is there already such a device available?

Early Xmas wish list,

Michael L. McCawley
DB2 for Z/OS SysProg/DBA
(and teacher's spouse)
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